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Church Differences

It amazes me how so many denominational differences in the church hinge on words and terminology. We have allowed Satan to divide the church on some of the pettiest issues. Just a brief study of church history reveals how denomination after denomination got its start. Somebody disagreed with what somebody else said the Bible says. But today as I look more closely at what different groups actually believe, it’s not always very different. In fact, sometimes what they call it is the only difference.

Baptists, Methodists and the like teach about being filled with the Spirit and that it is different from receiving the indwelling of the Spirit at salvation, but shudder at the term baptism of the Holy Spirit. (Don’t even think about saying “Ghost” instead of “Spirit.”) And those of the main line denominations who actually are open to a “prayer language” are uncomfortable with calling it speaking in tongues. All that just sounds too Pentecostal. Don’t group us with them, they say.

Granted everyone doesn’t feel that way. I’m seeing more and more people who don’t really care what the doctrinesof their church are . Those who are truly seeking God just want to know Christ and Him crucified. And that is refreshing and hopeful.



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