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Believing the Da Vinci Code

Christians are buzzing about the film as much or more than non-Christians. The debate rages over the claims of the movie and the effects of those claims on the people who believe them. Stories abound of those who have lost their faith or renounced their beliefs because of what they “learned” after reading the book or watching the movie. Some fence straddlers say it’s just a piece of fiction and should be viewed that way. I would add that anyone who turns away from their faith over the contents of one movie didn’t really have much faith to begin with. Don’t be so gullible as to believe everything you read or see. If the “Code” causes you to question or doubt, dig deeper, look for the facts. A good place to start is to follow Lee Strobel’s journey from atheism to Christianity in The Case for Faith and The Case for Christ. What you believe should be well grounded in facts that you have seen for yourself. Life-ordering faith is too important to take otherwise.


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2 thoughts on “Believing the Da Vinci Code

  1. Anonymous on said:

    But is it ok to write fiction about Jesus? Shouldn’t some things be respected and left alone? What if I wrote a book about JFK and slandered him from here to eternity? And Jesus is much bigger than JFK!

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Believing there was a Mrs. Jesus is like believing in a real Santa Claus. There is plenty of folklore and myth to back up his existence but absolutely no historical FACT!

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