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The Real Da Vinci Code Conspiracy

The fictional tale depicts Christians of the early church hiding “facts” about Jesus in order to preserve the validity of their religion. A conspiracy of such magnitude it has spanned much of the course of history and supported the most phenominal religion ever. But the real conspiracy behind the Da Vinci Code may lie within the motivation for the story itself. The clever intertwining of fact and fiction has left all but the deeply rooted and well educated, or those willing to become so, in wonder and even doubt about their beliefs. The conspiracy actually began centuries ago with Gnostic “gospels” and tales originating hundreds of years after Christ’s death, unlike the Gospels of the Bible which were written within decades of His death. Gnostics sought to prove among other things that Jesus was not both man and God and never claimed to be. Only one could so cleverly confuse truth and lie, the father of lies himself (John 8:44).


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One thought on “The Real Da Vinci Code Conspiracy

  1. Anonymous on said:

    only the ultimate paranoia could truly believe a consiracy lasting almost 20 CENTURIES to cover up who Jesus really was.

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