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The Fear of Worship

Why are so many Christians afraid of worship? I know they are from watching them week after week and from my own personal experience. There seems to be this fear of what God might actually do if we give Him complete, abandoned adoration – a fear of looking silly or acting “disorderly”. But if the behavior (whatever it may be) is God inspired, what could be wrong about how we look or act. I’m not talking about jumping pews or running laps around the room or even dancing like a luntic. Although some people seem to think that’s what will happen if we don’t restrain the Holy Spirit and those under His control. So what if people move around a little, clap, raise their hands, shout, cry, or sing loudly? There are plenty of accounts in the Bible of such behavior when in God’s presence, and He was never displeased when the actions were pure. There is so much of God we have yet to experience. Why are we afraid of it. I understand about different personalities and ways to worship. I tend to be reserved and introverted. Many times I worship by just standing with my eyes closed listening to others sing. But I appreciate being challenged to let go and loosen up in His presence, because I know exeuberant worship draws us closer to Him, and I want to get as close as I can.


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