from my notebook

My head is full of thoughts, and I have to write them down.

Perils of an Instant Society

You’ve heard it before, we live in an instant society. We have come to expect everything in an “easy minute” as stated on my microwave. We wait for no one and nothing. For some they skip college or other methods of obtaining a quality education or training because they want to be grown up, on their own, independent. Disney protrays eighth-graders as twelth-graders. And at that age, those few years are a big deal. Middle-schoolers want to be high-schoolers, so they dress and behave like them, whether it’s dating or some vice. High-schoolers want to be adults, so they dress and behave like them. The missing element in trying to grow up too quickly is the responsibility that come with wisdom, something teenagers are simply not equipped with. While the conveniences of life are great, we must not try to mimick technology in humans. You can’t build instant adulthood. It must come with time and expereince. Let the kids be kids.


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