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Why Are They Leaving?

In reference to yesterday’s comments on the church and the findings by the Barna Group, that those “seeking a deeper more intense experience with God and those wanting something other than the traditional approaches to spirituality and faith” are slowly leaving the local church, why is this happening? Why are serious, God seeking people not being fulfilled in the church?

While there is no one definitive answer, I have a few suggestions from my own experiences. Those who truly want to know God and the awesome power of His presence have no time for what generally happens in church services: zipping (or dragging as the case may be) through a bunch of songs because we’re supposed to sing in church, listening to a stale sermon about doctrines that seem to have little relevance to real life or listening to someone entertain me and tell me I’m ok just like I am. We have no time for bickering and complaining by church members over everything except why we aren’t growing and reaching other people.

The list could go on and on, but for me, I long for a church (or some kind of regular gathering of believers) where I will be challenged in worship to go deeper with God and challenged by the Word to walk a holier life. If an alternative to the local church comes my way that will challenge me, I will join those looking elsewhere for spiritual fulfillment.


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