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My head is full of thoughts, and I have to write them down.

Is The Church Headed For Demise?

It doesn’t have to be. George Barna states in his book Revolution, “Existing churches have a historic decision to make: to ignore the Revolution and continue business as usual, to invest energy in fighting the Revolution as an unbiblical advance, or to look for ways of retaining their identity while cooperating with the Revolution as a mark of unity and genuine ministry.”

Even the early church came together under appointed leaders to worship, pray, and learn. And yes, they met in homes but out of necessity not choice. God Himself established the house of worship in the Old Testament with the tabernacle. But, with all that said, we must change the way we do church. We must find the balance between tradition and emergent that meets the spiritual needs of the current culture. The future of the local church depends on the local church.


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