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A Responsible Revolution

While changes occur continually, the change currently taking place in the Christian church community is one of a greater magnitude. One that could completely change the face of the local church as we know it today; thus the push back from those who don’t understand. George Barna states in his book Revolution, “Energetic resistance by the established church has accompanied every significant episode of growth in the Kingdom since the time of Christ.”

The success of the revolution (and by success, i mean making effective changes that lead more people into committed Christian lifestyles) depends largely on our reaction to the push back. Our godly behavior in all aspects of life is vital.

Many churches are searching for the balance between the extremes of the traditional and the emergent. As we incorporate advancing technology and other unique approaches to ministry in our church services, we must also be careful not to commercialize the church. Many churches that have taken on a more postmodern, emergent look have become mega churches. It is easy to get caught up in the bigness, the “success”, the media attention from Christian as well as secular sources. Paul speaks of “peddling the Word” in 2 Corinthians 2:17.

Peddlers sell things cheap. In the case of the church, peddling refers to cheap grace, as I like to call it. In other words, we put on a show for entertainment purposes and then water down the Word to make it acceptable to more people. Now I’m not accusing any mega churches of doing this, but inevitably some do, and the temptation is definitely there.

This revolution must be a responsible one – sincere to the Word of God, producing mature, committed followers of Christ. Who can legitimately argue against a movement like that?


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