from my notebook

My head is full of thoughts, and I have to write them down.

Identity Crisis

Many churches in America today seem to be suffering from identity crisis. They’re ministry is out of focus. They repeatedly go through the motions week after week not really knowing who they’re trying to reach or what they’re supposed to look like. Just like God has a specific will for each individual, I believe He has a specific will or path for each church (apart from the obvious, of course).

Music style is just one example where identity crisis prevails. Take for instance the contemporary church attempting to do “Amazing Grace” with a Latin beat or the traditional choir and organ attempting to do Third Day. More often than not those attempts end up being a laughable tragedy. I believe a church must look at the singers/musicians God has sent their way and fashion the music program accordingly. An extreme example: don’t try to use a organist to play hip hop. And so it goes with other areas of ministry. Look at who God has blessed you with. Therein lies your identity.


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