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The Evolution of Music

Working through a list of hymns or praise & worship songs each Sunday before the preacher stands up to deliver the sermon is just singing, not worship. If you think of religious music in the same light as secular, the evolution of our so called church worship service goes something like this.

Imagine the music your grandparents or great grandparents or great great grandparents listened to when they were just sitting around having a good time or out to a barn dance. Compare that to the secular music people listen to today. Big difference, and I don’t just mean in moral content. The instruments are different. The tunes are different. The beats are different. Much of the difference has to do with technology, but my point is, music styles have evolved over the years. Even country music sounds different than it did 50 years ago.

Now look at religious music. The music on Christian radio has certainly changed from 50 years ago, but has what we sing in church changed? For many churches, the answer would be not much. We cannot expect to attract a progressing culture with music that isn’t keeping up with the culture. I’m not suggesting we get rid of the organ and hymns. They can be just as effective in worship as contemporary music. Besides, we all enjoy “an oldie but goodie” now and then. However, you might want to consider limiting their use unless your church is in a nursing home or retirement community.


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One thought on “The Evolution of Music

  1. aaron on said:

    That is so true! Most younger people hate organ music! Very few people actually “like” it. We need music that brings people into church not keeps them out.

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