from my notebook

My head is full of thoughts, and I have to write them down.

Something From Heaven

From Fresh Power by Jim Cymbala:
“How long has it been in many of our churches since God ‘did awesome things that we did not expect’? What stops us today from drawing a line in the sand and setting our hearts toward God in fervent prayer that he will come and revive his work in us as well as in our churches? Why don’t we stop rationalizing and justifying the spiritual impotence all around us? Why not rather humble ourselves and seek God with all our heart for ‘something from heaven’?”

“The very mention of God’s promise of ‘something from heaven’ makes people nervous if it seems that the boat might get rocked or if there might be a departure from the order of service printed in the church bulletin.”

“When strangers visit our churches today, they need to see something happening that reinforces the message of salvation.”

A.W. Tozer from Of God and Men:
“We may as well face it: the whole level of spirituality among us is low. We have measured ourselves by ourselves until the incentive to seek higher plateaus in the things of the Spirit is all but gone.”

Samuel Chadwick, a British pastor in the 19th century, in The Way to Pentecost:
“The remedy…is not in reproach and bitterness but floods and rivers, winds and sun. The answer is in the demonstration of a supernatural religion, and the only way to a supernatural religion is in the abiding presence of the Spirit of God.”


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