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Don’t Let A Bad Thing Make You Miss A Good Thing

It isn’t enough that we find exciting, new creative ways to teach the Word of God and worship Him. The ultimate goal is to be holy as He is holy, and that isn’t something we wait until we get to heaven to accomplish. We must be pursuing holiness at all times; therefore, we must guard against things of the world that have the potential to corrupt us. When the church encourages reading immoral literature and watching R-rated movies for “enlightened discussions,” it has opened the door to impurity. David declares in Psalm 101:3, “I will set no wicked thing before my eyes.”

The church should be a wonderful creative outlet for us, but our methods and content must not contradict the Word. While true spirituality can be mystifying at times, the Bible is clear about areas of mysticism we must stay away from (Deuteronomy 18:10-12).

The church should be a place of frank, open discussion, but for the purpose of defending our faith; not confusing it. I experienced a time of thoughtful exploration during college, but because I didn’t have the proper guidance, I found myself confused about my faith before I knew what hit me.

The terms emerging church and postmodernism have broad meanings. When you begin to ask those who claim to be part of it what they believe, you will get a wide range of answers. Kind of like asking the average person what it means to be a Christian. There are extremes within this movement that Christians should beware of, but at the same time, the traditional church could stand to learn some lessons here on how to effectively minister to today’s culture. Most anything can be faked or misused, but that doesn’t discredit the real thing.

Satan has been very successful over the ages at holding the church back from experiencing God in depth and fullness. He knows when we see abuse and counterfeiting of gifts and methodology, many will react by running as far away as possible. This reaction has left the church cold and Spiritless. We must continually explore new avenues of communicating the gospel while spurring believers on to holiness and trusting the Holy Spirit to control what happens.


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