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Some Simple Questions

Excerpt from article by Scot McKnight, professor of religious studies at North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago, Illinois, as published by

“Some emerging Christians see churches with pulpits in the center of a hall-like room with hard, wooden pews lined up in neat rows, and they wonder if there is another way to express—theologically, aesthetically, and anthropologically—what we do when we gather. They ask these sorts of questions: Is the sermon the most important thing on Sunday morning? If we sat in a circle would we foster a different theology and praxis? If we lit incense, would we practice our prayers differently? If we put the preacher on the same level as the congregation, would we create a clearer sense of the priesthood of all believers? If we acted out what we believe, would we encounter more emphatically the Incarnation?”


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One thought on “Some Simple Questions

  1. Rick Meigs on said:

    Scott always has good things to say, and what he says always makes me see things from a new and better perspective.

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