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Research Continues To Back Us Up

Lifeway Research began conducting studies on church membership and attendance last year. Some of their latest findings give a strong indication of what we’ve been talking about here at Club Revolution. This particular study focused on those switching churches for reasons other than residential relocation.

Fifty-three percent of the church switchers left traditional worship style churches, and only 29% of them moved to a church with traditional worship. The other 71% chose churches with either blended or contemporary worship. This was also found to be an intentional change with 80% saying worship style was an important factor in their choice.

Eighty-seven percent of the church switchers listed preaching as an important factor with the main desire being for relevant teaching. Denomination seemed not to be a factor with 54% of the switchers choosing a different denomination.

The study also found the switchers to be more regular in their attendance, giving, and serving at their new church. Now of course, some of this is attributable to simply the newness of a change, but bottom line, people are looking for worship and teaching they can understand, identify with, and apply to their everyday lives.


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