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The Luis Palau Attitude

Luis Palau hosts festival style evangelism rallies all over the world with everything from carnival games to rock music before he speaks to crowds of thousands. The 72 year-old Palau, who started out with Billy Graham, states in a Christian Post interview,

“We adapt into the culture for the sake of communicating the good news, the best news that ever was. If we did it the old way, it would be fine but nobody would be listening.”

Palau acknowledges the approach is not for everyone, even him. He says he often finds the music at his events exhausting and when he travels, he typically attends a more traditional service with opportunity for quiet meditation. Asked if any reverence is sacrificed in his balloon animal-twisting, corporate-sponsored, music-blasting events he is quick to respond. “Even reverence needs to be restudied,” he said.

No wonder Palau has reached millions for Christ around the globe. He is willing to put his own preferences aside to meet people where they are without compromising God’s Word.


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