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Who’s Really To Blame?

Who should we really blame for the deterioration of marriage and family, the homosexual or the heterosexual? One of the main arguments we’ve had against homosexual marriages and civil unions, aside from its sinful nature, is the effect on the family and the institution of marriage. Marriage was ordained by God between a man and woman. But so were sexual relations. Sex was never intended for those outside the bond of marriage, yet heterosexuals regularly commit this sin – a sin that is no greater than that of homosexual relations. Divorce is as prominent among Christians as non, and statistics from the Barna Group show co-habitation continuing to rise among Christians as well as non. Yet the Bible is clear that God hates divorce (Malachi 2:16).

The church’s attempt to show love to all has often resulted in compromising God’s standards. God shows us a perfect balance between love and justice/discipline, and while it is a challenge, we must seek that balance through the Holy Spirit. As we work toward purifying the church, we must not be soft on sin. It is our responsibility to set the example and shoot straight on sin. The Holy Spirit will empower us to do so in love.


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