from my notebook

My head is full of thoughts, and I have to write them down.

It Isn’t About That

The true issues within the church / Church are not what most seem to spend their time debating and even arguing about. It isn’t about contemporary versus traditional. It isn’t about liberal versus conservative. It isn’t about technology and intellectualism. It certainly isn’t about the songs sung or the musical instruments used. And one might say it isn’t even about theology.

What is it about? Genuineness. Genuine faith in one God who is all powerful and all knowing. Genuine belief in the truth of God’s Word and its relevance then, now, and forever more. Genuine commitment to the holiness God has called us to. Genuine worship that expresses love for a God who loves us and wants to bless, but who will discipline us when we sin. What the world needs now is to see genuinely changed Christians daily displaying the difference God can make in their lives.


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