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We Have To Show Them

In Josh McDowell’s new book The New Tolerance, he speaks to the issues of the postmodern society we live in. He summarizes the basic theme of postmodern belief as that of tolerance. Not the kind of tolerance many of us were taught as children as part of loving others. Today’s tolerance says we not only allow others their opinions, but we also must not tell them they are wrong. That would be offensive.

This kind of thing makes me ask myself why. Why do we live in a time where people feel the need (very strongly, I might add) that we should accept every one’s beliefs as being right? What has driven us to this point? I think the answer lies in what the world sees, or perhaps I should say doesn’t see, in those of us who claim to be Christians. We claim to have the real purpose for life itself, the key to happiness, the one way to heaven. We even say our God is love. But do we show it? Can anyone look at our lives and see anything different from the average Joe or Jane? Are we happy, peaceful, and loving people even when things don’t go our way?

The world is looking for what we claim to have. When we prove to them by our every day lives that we do have IT, most of them will stop looking elsewhere.


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