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The Correct Response to Melissa’s Question

In the recent MTV homosexual debate among Democratic presidential candidates, Melissa Etheridge posed the question are homosexuals born that way or is it a choice. My answer – possibly yes and definitely yes. One may be born with a tendency toward homosexuality just like an alcoholic may be born with a tendency toward addiction, but never the less, they still have the freedom to choose whether to give in to those tendencies. We all have weaknesses and tendencies toward one thing or another. Being born with them doesn’t make them acceptable or right. Only God’s work can make that call. Anyway, that’s my answer, correct although not politically correct. Below are comments by Regis Nicoll in a recent column on I found to be fitting.

“In a discussion at The Point, reader Jan shared her concern over a gay brother-in-law. Her response brings up three significant issues: one, the recognition by homosexuals that whether their orientation is caused by nature or nurture, their behaviors and lifestyle are matters of choice; two, the fallacy that our private choices have no negative social consequences and, thus, are of no civil or moral concern; and three, the lengths to which some will go for affirmation, even to the point of contorting Scripture to make it approve what it plainly reproves.”


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