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Starbucks or Waffle House ?

RELEVANT MAGAZINE by Courtney Jones: “In my Sunday service adventures, I’ve come across two types of churches: in my mind, I classify them as Starbucks and Waffle House.

Starbucks churches are really chic. They’ve got all new sound equipment, a rockin’band, awesome praise and worship, and relevant teaching. No dress code is required, although most dress for success at this type of church. That may include the latest thrift store find and a new pair of Puma shoes, or it could be as dressy as suits and ties. It seems everyone has a fashion sense.

I love my Starbucks churches. Portrayed on the wall without fail are the words for the music on three huge screens and some nifty graphic background that pertains to the song. They always pass out a really cool, shiny bulletin, which is filled with upcoming mission trips, home groups and fun stuff to do. Some even have coffee bars. The church in itself appeals to all five senses.

Then you’ve got your Waffle House churches…”


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