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Our Ultimate Goal

I was intrigued by John Piper’s comments in his book Let The Nations Be Glad. While I believe firmly in the importance of worship, I never really thought about it as being our ultimate goal. Piper compares it with missions and states that once we are in heaven, missions will no longer be needed, but worship will. I will go so far as to say winning souls isn’t our ultimate goal as Christians; worship is. Winning souls will no longer be possible once we arrive in heaven, but worship will.

What, you say, worship more important than winning souls? That isn’t exactly how I put it, but consider this. Why are we winning souls? To show people a better life? In the end, to get people to heaven? Ok, what will we do in heaven 24/7? I guess what’s most important in all of this is in narrowing down the focus of the church. We tend to get so bogged down by programs and activities that we lose sight of the ultimate goal.

Maybe the church should narrow it’s goal down to winning worshippers. Developing people who live a lifestyle of worship each and every day. People who respond with love and adoration for who God is and all that He does. People who respond to the struggles and tragedies of life with the weapon of worship. People who are indwelled and controlled by the Holy Spirit of God because of their response of worship. People who draw others to Christ because of their lifestyle of worship.

Thank you, John, worship is our ultimate goal.


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