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Chip Ingram on Worship

I wish I could transport you back in time to the early church so you could attend 45 minutes or so of a worship service, because I think the experience would change you forever.

As you observed the believers devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching, to fellowship, to the breaking of bread, to prayer, and to praising God (Acts 2:42–47), I think you would say, “Wow, listen to how they speak to God! He seems so real to them! They seem to have such intimacy, such freedom, and such power!”

In those few minutes, you would witness worship in the early church, and you would see how the Holy Spirit manifested the intimacy and awesomeness of God’s presence to the believers as they praised and worshipped Him. Then, I think you would say, “I wish I could experience that too!

And I believe you can. But before you can experience the benefits of worship, you have to understand what worship is, why worship is important, and what happens when you worship.


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