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Worship State of Mind – Martin Smith

From Worship Leader Magazine
Worship, worship, worship and more worship!
Is it just me, or is worship getting boring? In true fashion, the Christian world takes a genuine movement of God, wraps plastic packaging around it, markets it and targets the consumer as though it’s just another product to be sold alongside Barbie dolls and the latest flat-screen TV.
When anything becomes this consumer-driven, what usually happens in time? We become bored of it, like the latest computer game or new sneakers, because it becomes just another product.
“Worship, it’s so over,” I’ve heard one record company exec say. “It all sounds the same now,” I hear the kids saying. I’m sad-very sad-when I hear this, and I believe God might be sad too.
Can I say, for the record, that worship is not boring? In fact, it’s the very reason we were born and the very act that keeps us truly alive in a world that only worships itself. It’s the most exciting thing we can do while we’re here on earth and the only thing we will take from this life into heaven. We should celebrate God with all that we are. more…


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