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Brian McLaren Quote from Christian Post

“The emergent church leader also gave his opinion of why mainline churches are in decline. McLaren said that while evangelicals are rigid in doctrine but flexible in their methodology, mainlines are more flexible in theology but rigid in their practice.

He suggested that the mainline become more flexible in practice while evangelicals “loosen up” on some of their doctrinal system.

“What I’m noticing is when we stop preaching Christianity as a religion…and we start inviting people to be followers Jesus and present Jesus and His way as part of this beautiful story of the Kingdom of God, a lot of our Christians who have left are drawn back,” he said


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2 thoughts on “Brian McLaren Quote from Christian Post

  1. I agree, Christianity should not merely be a religion, but a way of life.
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  2. these christian are more different than other christians …..
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