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Rick Warren’s 12 Convictions on Worship

1. Only believers can truly worship God.
2. You don’t need a building to worship God.
3. There is no correct style of worship. The truth is God loves all kinds of worship styles – as long as we worship him in spirit, in truth, and in an orderly fashion.
4. While unbelievers can’t worship, they can watch believers worship. Non-Christians can’t worship, but they can see the kind of joy worship brings us.
5. Worship is a powerful witness to unbelievers if God’s presence is felt and the message is understandable.
6. God expects us to be sensitive to the fears, hang-ups, and the needs of unbelievers when they are present in our worship services. Whenever you hear people talk about being sensitive to unbelievers, that is not watering down the gospel. It’s called love. You’re just being nice to them.
7. Worship services do not have to be shallow to be evangelistic, and the message does not have to be compromised. It just has to be understandable. Remove the unnecessary barriers, so people can hear the often-uncomfortable gospel.
8. The needs of believers and unbelievers often overlap. For instance, both believers and unbelievers need to know what God is really like.
9. It’s best to specialize your services according to purpose. It’s best to design one service to edify believers and another to evangelize non-believers. Most churches try to do both at the same time. But if we send mixed signals, we’re going to get mixed results. You can’t aim at two targets at the same time.
10. A service geared toward non-believers is meant to supplement personal evangelism, not replace it.
11. There is no standard way to design an evangelistic worship service.
12. It takes unselfish mature believers to offer an evangelistic worship service. This is the most important of all. Paul says it like this: “We would put up with anything in order not to hinder the Good News of Christ in any way” (1 Cor. 9:12b GW).



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