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Worship and Technology

I’ve been working in audio visual ministry for about ten years and absolutely love the technical aspect of enhancing the worship and teaching experience. I always tell new a/v team members that once they serve in this capacity, church services are never the same. This is true for me when I go away to conferences as well. It takes more effort for me to focus because I am more easily distracted by mistakes or simply taking in the technical wonderment.

I had a moment of enlightenment this past weekend at a conference in Memphis, TN, though. I discovered that I can worship God when I gaze in amazement at the beautiful video and lighting. I began to see the beauty of special lighting and effects as man made nature. Many people, including myself, like to get outside from time to time and worship in awe of God’s beautiful creation. The fact that God created us with the intelligence to develop the hardware, software, and implementation of technology is one more reason to worship Him. The lighting and effects designers have used their talents to glorify God in the same way as a singer or a master builder of the great cathedrals of Europe. Special lighting may be the stained glass windows of this generation.

We must always keep our worship focused on God, but whether our sense and understanding of God in enhanced by technology, nature, or other surroundings matters not. It’s part of who we are as unique individuals designed by an awesome God.


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One thought on “Worship and Technology

  1. I have been audio director for a church for almost two years but I have been an international touring engineer for bands for 15+ years. As you may know there is much debate in using technology in Worship. I think this has been an issue from the begining of Worship and what was new technology at that time. Also I believe that excellence in Worship and authintic Worship MUST use the technology that GOD has given us, even in a traditional setting. The fact is, is that there is more care put into a “rock concert” than a Worship Service. That is what needs to change. Thank you for comparing technology with nature as they are both God’s creations and major parts of our lifes. Blessings, Reid

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