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American Idol Christianity

I am a huge American Idol fan from start to finish of the competition. After several years of watching, I am still amazed at some of the auditioners that truly think they can sing. Those poor judges. First they have to listen to the contestant brag about how good “everyone” (usually their momma) says they sound; then the judges have to listen to the awful attempt at proving the accolades are deserved.

Let’s draw a parallel of that auditioning process with Christianity. So very many people claim to be Christians, and many of them can be found in a church somewhere on Sunday morning. But what if we had to audition? What if we had to stand before a group of judges and prove we are really saved?

In a way we do every single day with our behavior and attitudes in front of a world full of judges. In the same way Simon has been known to walk out of the auditioning room because the contestants were soooo bad, many people want nothing to do with Christianity because of the poor daily auditions of those claiming to be Christians.

Worse than that, one day we will even stand before the judge. He will encompass the mercy and kindness of Paula, the level-headedness of Randy, and the direct honesty of Simon all to perfection. Our entire lives will be before Him as an audition.

This is not to imply we earn our way into heaven, of course, but even the best American Idol contestants are expected to grow and improve throughout the competition. The fruit of our lives will prove whether we have truly been saved by grace and are growing as Christians. Will your momma be the only one proclaiming your greatness at the audition, or will Christ’s greatness shine through you for the world to see?


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