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Change Is About Keeping It Fresh

Resistance is a common reaction when change is implemented. Some times there is the feeling that the changer is implying the current way is wrong, but the new way will be right. Other times people just get comfortable with the way something is and change brings them uncertainty.

But think about it this way. What if you had to eat the same thing every day (picture the Hebrews eating manna day in and day out)? What if you had to wear the same thing every day (imagine a uniform you never take off)? What if you did the same exact thing on your job every day? Never met anybody new? Never went anywhere new? Watched the same TV shows and listened to the same ten songs over and over? No need to go on; you get the picture, right? How boring our existence would be.

Now let’s apply this to what is happening in the church today (and really always has happened from the beginning). God and His Word never changes, yet it is always fresh and applicable. The music may change, the songs may change, the way the message is presented may change, the way we spread the gospel may change, but the Truth is still the Truth.

There will always be trends whether in fashion, food, or church activities. What everyone is gaga over today, they will be tired of tomorrow. I find it interesting that the emerging trend in church today is to bring back the customs and traditions of old. This, of course, coming off the heels of a long term trend of moving away from those practices. Hymns are making a comeback. Communion and other ordinances are being practiced more than ever. Why? Is there something wrong with new stuff? Was there something wrong with the old stuff to move us to the new stuff?

Of course not. Everything in life must change from time to time or it becomes stale and ineffective. I was reminded of this with the latest press release from Starbuck’s . Here’s an excerpt: “The Pike Place Roastâ„¢ coffee beans will be hand-scooped, freshly ground, and freshly brewed and served, giving the coffee a consistent, pure taste. To further ensure customers enjoy the freshest, high-quality cup of brewed coffee, stores also will brew smaller batches with a hold time of no more than 30 minutes.”

People want freshness…variety; not the same old same old. Even the old traditions being revived are presented in a more up to date manner. Blended services, perhaps, make the change less noticeable, but the key is keeping the presentation as fresh as the Word.

What if your preacher started doing the same sermon every week? Don’t answer that.


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