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More on "A Place Where God is Honored"

I think some comments by Bob Kauflin in Are Hymns Too Weighty To Take In? make a nice addition to my recent article “A Place Where God is Honored”.

“Over time, worship leaders and pastors should be training the church to think and sing in more biblical terms, without forgetting new believers and guests who may also be present on Sunday morning. My job as a leader is to make sure that there’s enough biblical truth in the words to stir people’s affections in the right way. I know people can genuinely worship God while singing lyrics like, “Fire, fall on me” or “Come and fill me up,” but I want to give them food to feed on, not simply an opportunity to express emotions, however sincere.

“I want them to clearly remember how great, good, glorious, and amazing our God is. That means my first priority in picking songs is words, not music. That’s not to say that music isn’t important. It’s just that music serves to support lyrics, not the other way around. We worship a “weighty” God whose glory surpasses all we can imagine, who dwells in unapproachable light, and whose splendors will never fade.”

Kauflin also states in his new teaching videos, “We don’t want people leaving our meetings saying, ‘what a great band.’ We want them leaving saying, ‘what a great Savior.'” Motives and attitudes are key.

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