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Bob Kauflin on Corporate Worship

Awesome video of Bob Kauflin‘s take on corporate worship during an interview by Mars Hill Worship Pastor, Tim Smith.

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One thought on “Bob Kauflin on Corporate Worship

  1. Bro. Reggie on said:

    We have a long way before we get there. I like a lot of what Kaulin has written. There are something’s I don’t agree on, but hey I’m not right on everything. I do believe too many people on both sides idolize their idea of worship as if it is the only way. I think we have to be careful in trying to create the worship experience. We need to prepare and provide but the experience of worship is between the individual and God. When we try to control the experience, i.e. telling people they must raise their hands, etc… then we begin to control the worship experience just as we claim the other side does by demanding singing from the hymnals etc… I want to come to church and experience a worship service were the service is from the heart and is not a performance. It is amazing to me that I hear more about our (churches in general) worship service than reaching out to the community and helping those in need. So much of what I heard in the blogs are about worship, or I should say the worship service. We are spending so much time debating how one hour a week should be spent. I like what one of the others that commented on Kaulin clip said, In other words, if it doesn’t feel good, it must not be spiritual or Godly or holy. It’s incredible how we can take something that God has given us as a tool and build an idol out of it, making the tool more important than the Craftsman. I think we have focused on the tool too much and need to focus on the Craftsman.

    Thanks for clip.

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