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Southern Baptists Decline and Evangelize

Southern Baptists have seen three consecutive years of declining baptisms, and 2007 had the lowest number in twenty years. Outgoing SBC President Frank Page stated at the annual meeting this week that the blame doesn’t fall on any particular group but on each individual person.

Convention messengers, representing local SBC churches, are considering a 10-year evangelism initiative as a response to the decline in order to reach more for Christ. I haven’t seen what this initiative involves, and I certainly don’t mean to criticize it, but I wonder if we aren’t missing the point. We can talk about Christ and invite people to church until we are blue in the face, but if they don’t see Him in us, what’s the use?
I agree completely with Page’s comments quoted at

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see every Southern Baptist church involved in intentional evangelism, soul-winning and yes, baptizing record numbers of persons?” Page posed. As many Southern Baptists have encouraged in recent years, Page called the denomination to a “Great Commission Resurgence.” And that will only occur when Southern Baptists “fall in love” with Jesus, who spoke the Great Commission – to spread his teachings to all the nations of the world. “I believe then baptisms will begin to increase,” Page assured.

Southern Baptists like every other denomination and non-denomination need repentance and genuineness, not another program.


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