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Check-up for Churches

LifeWay recently published this list of twenty-five signs of a healthy church (grouped in four categories) by Marvin Owen, a church health strategist for the Wyoming Southern Baptist Convention.

Spiritual Vitality

Sign #1 The church seeks to know and to follow God’s will. They are committed not only to God’s will, but God’s way.

Sign #2 Christian growth is emphasized and facilitated. Healthy churches are intentional about helping their people realize God’s potential in their lives.

Sign #3 Church members have an attitude of servanthood, not seeking control, power or status.

Sign #4 Church members are faithful in stewardship of time, talents, and treasures. Members look for opportunities to help with all that God has entrusted to them.

Sign #5 The church is a place of vibrant, engaging worship. The styles may vary greatly, but their worship touches the heart, engaging and involving people.

Sign #6 Members model purity and integrity and do not ignore sin in the body.

Personal Vitality

Sign #7 – The church is adaptable and flexible – willing to change.

Sign #8 – The church emphasizes the positive and never dwells on the negative.

Sign #9 – The church practices accountability and maintains high expectations – for themselves and for others. They never lower the requirements of membership or discipleship to appeal to the uncommitted or to draw larger crowds.

Sign #10 – They don’t try to do everything, but what they do they do well.

Sign #11 – The church has focus and purpose. They’re intentional and only do those things that move them toward the fulfillment of that vision.

Sign #12 – The church is proactive, not reactive. They’re constantly praying and assessing their present and their potential.

Relational Vitality

Sign #13 – People feel accepted, encouraged, and included.

Sign #14 – The church builds families (including singles). Regardless of the church’s size, appropriate ministries are provided for every age group and life circumstance (singles, blended families, empty-nesters, etc.).

Sign #15 – Conflict is handled positively and redemptively. Those churches that handle conflict well actually grow stronger and are better able to withstand whatever may come.

Sign #16 – The church is forgiving, but not compromising on sin.

Sign #17 – The church trusts, respects, and supports the pastor. Even as he’s evaluated, he is encouraged and enabled.

Sign #18 – The church has effective, ongoing communication.

Missional Vitality

Sign #19 The church has a clear vision, priorities, and plan. The vision drives all that they do, helping them determine priorities and establish plans.

Sign #20 The church trains and empowers people for ministry according to their giftedness. These churches would rather have a vacant position than have the wrong person in it.

Sign #21 The church constantly develops leaders.

Sign #22 The church is outwardly focused. They grow larger and stronger themselves by focusing on others.

Sign #23 The church finds or creates connecting points with the community.

Sign #24 Church members are intentionally evangelistic. These churches don’t see evangelism as a program, but as a passion.

Sign #25 The church is producing congregations. They look beyond themselves, and find joy in birthing new congregations.

How does your church check-up?


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