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Homosexuality is an Election Issue Again

Once again, someone has seen to it that homosexual marriage is back in the political limelight. Once again, Christians will rise in protest and press government leaders and politicians to address the issue. Once again, other Christians will say those Christians are putting too much emphasis on the homosexual marriage and pro-life issues and not enough on justice and helping the less fortunate.

I will not take sides in this argument because both sides are right and both are wrong. These are all moral issues, and we cannot ignore any of them. God expects us to take care of the “widows and orphans” (Jer 49:11, 1Tim 5:3, Jas 1:27). Jesus spent most of his ministry healing the sick and commands us to do the same, just not usually as miraculously (Mark 16:18). God expects us to value the life He has given us in His image (Gen 1:26, Ex 21:13). And He expects us to uphold marriage and sexual activity in the context He designed (Gen 2:24, Heb 13:4). Is homosexuality any worse than heterosexual affairs? I can only answer with how God’s Word seems to single out homosexuality (Gen 18:20-19:25, Rom 1:26-32).

Basically it comes down to various groups putting down other groups because that group isn’t passionate about the same things they are. We can’t all be passionate and actively involved in fighting the same or all of the issues. God puts different issues in the hearts of His passionate believers. Each one of us must be true to those God given passions under the Spirit of self-control. It’s the strategy of divide and conquer, but we have to remain on the same team.


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