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My head is full of thoughts, and I have to write them down.

Accept the Holy Spirit

We talk about believing in God; not just that He exists, but that He is The God of the universe and creator of all. We talk about accepting Jesus as saviour; not as a way to heaven, but The Way. Now what about the Holy Spirit? Yes, we receive Him when we’re saved, but many Christians never really accept Him. Some people are actually afraid of Him, or what He might “make” them do. I’m not just taliking about some of those gifts of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit also guides us and convicts us, which often involves doing things we don’t want to do, or vice versa. The Holy Spirit is much more than we realize and wants to do more than we often allow. Some associate Him more with a charismatic happening. I like how Nate Sallie describes how the relationship should be in his song “Holy Spirit.”

More than just a moment in history
More than just an experience that I seek
Yours is a friendship that lasts forever
Every day I hear you speak
Mysteries revealed each day
Hidden treasures found in faith
Conversations run so deep
Spoken promises from the King
I never want to leave your presence
You are all that I need
Saturate every move I make
So I’m filled with what I crave

There is a lost and lonely world out there searching for that, if we could only show it to them.


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