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Car Hop Worship

Here’s an idea if your church has outgrown its worship center space (but has plenty of parking space). Attend church drive-in theater style. New Hope United Methodist Church in Marietta, Ga. is among a dozen or so churches now offering drive-in services. You stay in your car and listen via AM radio. No giant screen in the parking lot, I guess.

According to an article on Christian Post, “Attendees can stay in their cars, spread a blanket on the ground or go inside the tiny chapel, depending on where they are most at ease. A recent Sunday drew about 20 worshippers in 10 or so vehicles. Most of the group sat in their cars and trucks, enjoying the unseasonably cool morning. The crowd included three dogs and several people munching on breakfast as they sang along to ‘Just a Closer Walk with Thee.’ One family piled on a blanket in the back of their pickup truck with their rat terrier, Kapone, and listened to the sermon.” I understand the rat terrier wanted to make a decision, but his leash wasn’t long enough to reach the pastor.

A church in Pennsylvania with a similar drive-in service has about 70 attendees each Sunday. Rev. Tim Stradling says that since the church is surrounded by homes, worshippers are encouraged to quietly respond to the sermon. “If you’re saying ‘amen’ by beeping horns, you might be waking up a neighbor,” he said. “If I say something and I’m looking for response, they flash their lights or stick their arms out of the windows.” The dogs wag their tails and are generally quiet, that is until a cat shows up at the service.

Forgive me, but I can’t help but have a little fun with this one. Worshiping in your car gives a whole new twist to car hop, especially if you’re pentecostal.


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One thought on “Car Hop Worship

  1. Reginald Gabel on said:

    Guess we could get use of the old skates and follow sonics. Can’t you see the offering plate flying by the window…………

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