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The Power of Vision

God given vision, that is. I visited Mark Batterson’s blog the other day to check out some bytes from his book Wild Goose Chase set to be released next week. I was blown away by the first one I read.

Can I share a personal conviction?
I think vision is the cure for sin. One reason many of us get entangled in sin is because we don’t have enough God-ordained vision to keep us busy. The more vision you have, the less you will sin. And the less vision you have, the more you will sin. It is a vision that keeps us playing offense spiritually.

This blew me away mainly because of my own personal experience. About ten years ago, I was steadily headed down the road of sin (mostly because I was bored). Not exactly the place you would expect God to speak a vision into your heart, but He did. He also told me if I wanted to participate in that vision, I would have to make some changes. I knew exactly what He was talking about, and I started straightening up right away.

Yes, our love for God because of who He is and all He does should always be our reason for obedience, but sometimes His love for us becomes more real to us when He shares a vision and purpose with us personally. Great insight, Mark.


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