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Technical Thoughts on the Future Church

Cynthia Ware posted an article this week on “10 Challenges Facing the Church in Cyberspace.” Here are the ten points she lists.

  • Accept the Virtual World’s significance (MySpace [and Facebook are] the most visited site on the Internet)
  • View online expressions of Christianity as valuable extensions of real world faith
  • Embrace the opportunity for Church without borders (time, geography, etc.)
  • Welcome the presentation of God’s Word in the vernacular of current culture
  • Respond to the globalization of the planet with hope not cynicism
  • Develop and maintain an online presence purposefully populating cyberspace
  • Establish virtual outposts for evangelizing, preaching, equipping & training
  • Create interactive portals for experiencing Church (streaming media)
  • Practice spiritual disciplines in the global online conversation
  • Encourage strategic investment in the iGeneration
  • It is more challenging for some than others to think outside the box and our realm of knowledge, but in order to succeed, we must understand that we can’t always do things the same way we did them “back then.” Speaking from a Southern Baptist perspective, Sunday School, WMU, and organs are not biblical doctrines. There may, and perhaps has, come a time when better methods need to be used to fulfill the great commandment. Churches must not only accept this but embrace it or they will eventually die.


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    One thought on “Technical Thoughts on the Future Church

    1. Are you absolutely positive the organ is not a biblical doctrine? 🙂
      Thanks for the link love.

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