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Top 10 Observations About Growing Churches

Dr. Charles W. Gaines, church consultant for LifeWay Christian Resources has written an article on his top observations of growing churches. Here’s the summation. You can read the entire article here.

1. Positive spirit of excitement.
(People are glad they are at church.)

2. Spirit of expectation.

3. Celebrative worship service. (The “worship war” is not fought every time the church gathers in worship.)

4. Opportunities to build meaningful relationships through small groups. (What these small groups are called and when they meet are not as important as investing in others lives.)

5. Focus on giving away the faith through lifestyle evangelism.

6. No sentence ever begins with “I.”

7. “What can I do?” and “What can I give?” are expressed not only with meaning, but also with action.

8. Missions involvement. (locally and globally)

9. Pastor/staff who lead and congregations who follow. (There is a great respect and trust that permeates leadership on all levels.

10. Church is a safe place to come to God – Grace rules!


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One thought on “Top 10 Observations About Growing Churches

  1. Barry Cosper on said:

    Great description. It is sad that more than 80 % of churches would be classified as unhealthy. Unhealthy churches are a result of unhealthy choices. We have the greatest blueprints that we could ever have to direct us to be healthy and growing churches …….THE WORD OF GOD.

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