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Making the Way Straight

John 1:23 – “He said, I am the voice of one crying aloud in the wilderness [the voice of one shouting in the desert], Prepare the way of the Lord [level, straighten out, the path of the Lord].” Amp

I feel like shouting this myself sometimes. Too often we are the cause of God’s “delay” in acting or answering prayers. We like to say, “well it’s not God’s timing yet” or “He will make things happen we He’s ready.” More often than not, God was ready a long time ago to make something happen in our lives or church or whatever. It’s us as individuals and church members that haven’t prepared the way for the Lord.

The Believer’s Bible Commentary has this interpretation of John’s message, “”Make straight the way of the Lord. The Messiah is coming. Remove everything in your life that would hinder you from receiving Him. Repent of your sins, so that He can come and reign over you as the King of Israel.” John was calling people to repentance – period. Repentance unto salvation AND continued repentance to allow God’s plans to be carried out.

Have you made the path straight for the Lord, or is He having to work around your sins?


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