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Interferring With God’s Will

Does God have a Plan B? Our first answer is probably “no,” but I’ve been wondering about that lately. After all, God doesn’t force anyone to follow His will. Many times God’s plan for fulfilling His will for someone not only depends on that person’s decisions but the actions of others as well. Let’s say God plans to use someone in a particular position at a church or business, but someone else refuses to step down or blocks that person from getting the position. Is person number two interfering with God’s will for person number one?

Now I don’t think for one minute that any person can stop God’s will for another person; only we can do that to ourselves. But I do think someone can delay or interfere with the plan. God’s Plan B may be to re-locate the person to another city, job, and/or church in order to fulfill His will for them. This person still gets all the blessings of God’s will for their life, just through a different plan.

But what about person number two who has refused to cooperate? They miss out on blessings and probably the fulfillment of God’s will for their life, because if God wants someone else in their place, God has something else for person number two to do. And the business, church, or organization may lose out too. All the more reason for us to pay attention to what God is doing around us, and not be afraid to step out of the boat and move on to something new. Our actions can interfere with God’s plans for others far more than we may realize.


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