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Stop Helping God Across The Road

Psalm 46:10 – Typically this verse is used in the context of getting quiet before God so He can give us guidance. The Holman translation uses the phrase “stop fighting” for “be still.” This reminds me of Jesus telling Saul on the Damascus road to stop kicking against the goads. I find myself occasionally trying to make things happen. Like if I talk about it enough; tell the right people, etc. what I want to happen will happen. The fighting isn’t necessarily with others but against circumstances.

“Stop helping God across the road like a little old lady.” These lyrics from U2’s latest album put the verse in perspective for me. What we want to happen may actually be God’s will, but He doesn’t need us to make it happen for Him. Yes, there will be times when He calls us to action, but I know for myself much of my “activity” is an effort to convince someone to make things happen.

I’m at a point where I must be still (stop fighting the people and situations around me) and let God be God. Then He will get the honor and glory for what happens.


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