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Southern Baptists Have a Vision Problem

Southern Baptist president Johnny Hunt spoke to the annual convention this week. Here are some excerpts from

Titling his message “The State of the Southern Baptist Convention from Where I Sit,” Hunt cited a passage from Revelation and indicated that many have become apathetic, indifferent and have lost enthusiasm.

“You can walk to the pulpit, you can lead the music, you can teach a Sunday School class and the attitude is ‘I’ve been there and I’ve done that.’ There’s no tear in your eye, there’s no fire in your soul, and there’s no anticipation after delivery,” he said.

Unfortunately this is true of Southern Baptists and other denominations and churches. I’ve gone through my own personal crisis with it. What do we as the church do? How do we turn things around? How do we become real again?


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3 thoughts on “Southern Baptists Have a Vision Problem

  1. repent and believe the gospel

  2. Margo Carmichael on said:

    Pray for a fresh and full anointing of the Holy Spirit. He’s fully with us, yes, but is He fully free in and through us? Not so much.

  3. Angela on said:

    you are both very right. we are missing repentance, belief, and power

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