from my notebook

My head is full of thoughts, and I have to write them down.

Thank You, Housekeeping

Housekeeping left the hotel Bible open to Psalms 63, so that’s what I read this morning. The wording of the New KJV made me think of how I have been looking in the wrong place for God. David says he has thirsted and longed for God and looked for Him in the sanctuary. I too have desperately been looking for God in the sanctuary or I should say the church service through the worship leader and preacher and what they “brought” to the service – what they made or enabled to happen.

While these positions and the people who fill them are extremely important to the church, I’ve recently become aware that they are not where we should look or who we should be excited about. We can’t all be in churches with outstanding worship leaders and preachers, but we all have the same outstanding God who deserves our praise 24/7 as long as we live.

So thank you, housekeeping for reminding me of where to place my focus and excitement.


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