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“Knowing” – Interpreting the Movie

WARNING: movie ending spoiler

I finally watched the movie “Knowing” over the weekend, and although on the surface it may not seem to be very biblical, I did draw a few similarities/analogies from it. Keep in mind I’m of the opinion that the end of time and heaven will put to shame any science fiction the human mind can conjure.

We know the part about Earth being destroyed by fire is right (as far we can understand any way). At the end you have the two children, symbols of innocence (not sure what the rabbits represent), walking onto the spaceship to join the aliens. Typically I classify aliens and ghosts as demonic manifestations, but let’s suppose these aliens were manifestations of good angels. The aliens’ human bodies became transparent and glowing maybe like our future glorified bodies. None of us know what they will look like, but I’m speculating they will be similar to now only in the glorified state they will be white, bright, and glowing. I picture us as light beams bouncing/floating around.

When they were all lifted up into the spaceship, I was reminded of the rapture. However, even though the gate is narrow, I do think more than two people will make it through.

From there it was sort of like Revelation meets Genesis. The kids are dropped off on the “new world” to start over. I thought their names should have been Adam and Eve. Well maybe that would have been a bit over the top. But as they ran off toward the big tree in the middle of the meadow, I shouted, “Don’t eat from that tree!”


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