from my notebook

My head is full of thoughts, and I have to write them down.


I’m an amateur techie and serve as Technical Director at my church. While tech can be fun, it isn’t just about the toys. Those “toys” can be powerful tools for sharing Jesus with a lost and empty world.

Throughout history technology has been used to propagate the Gospel. From stone tablets to parchment and scrolls, to the first Bible rolling off Gutenberg’s press, technology was the key element in making God’s Word more available. Each milestone was an advancement in technology. Today you can have every single verse of the Bible in numerous translations right on your cell phone.

The internet not only provides access to the scriptures but also countless commentaries for personal study and the ability to participate in online church services from almost any where in the world.

In addition to spreading the Gospel, technology can also be a means of worship. Art has long been used to honor and glorify God, but the tools don’t have to be a chisel or brush. Today computerized equipment can create beautiful displays through graphics, video, audio, and lighting.

Technology has always been around. The invention of the wheel was a big deal at the time. Advancements can always be used to advance the Kingdom. Let’s make sure we as the church embrace every opportunity.


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