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It’s the Truth, Like it or Not

Romans 9 – It is not my intent to address Paul’s specific message here but just the general reality. Paul begins in verse 1 by stating he is telling the truth proved in his spirit which is in agreement with the Holy Spirit. He knows it deep down to be true. It’s like a disclaimer saying, “you’re not gonna like what I’m about to say. It may not seem fair, but it’s the truth.” He goes on in verses 2 and 3 to say it pains him to tell them. So much so, that he would do anything to change it, even trade places with them.

Many times God’s Word doesn’t seem to be fair or loving. From who gets to go to heaven, to who gets to serve in certain positions in the church, to who is blessed materially and otherwise and who isn’t. But who are we to make that call (v 20)? God is God. His Word says what it says. He allows and causes to happen what happens. Whether we like it or not.

There are consequences to sin that remain even after forgiveness. There are certain things we must do to be His children. We must be true to God’s Word and remember He will never tell us anything that contradicts His Word.


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