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Understanding the Signals

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’ve gotten caught up in doing church rather than being the church. It’s an easy thing to do when you serve in an administrative leadership role in the church. There can be as much politics there as the federal government if you aren’t careful. While the jobs and duties are necessary, we mustn’t lose sight of the end goal or purpose of growing the Kingdom.

I’ve been in this place several times before, and I learn a little more each time about understanding the signals. The wanting to resign from all positions, to just sit back and let others do things for a while. Maybe even the desire to change churches; to go somewhere where no one knows you or your abilities. The signs could be feelings of depression or guilt. Some people just drop out of church altogether. Many times we refer to this condition as burnout.

There isn’t a single, perfect solution. It will be slightly different for everyone. It may be to drop out of leadership or change churches. I’ve wanted to do that on several occasions, but the doors haven’t opened to let me out yet. The main thing is to understand what is really happening. Is God simply trying to call your focus back to the main thing? Is He drawing you closer to Him, to operate more out of faith than your abilities? Is He working pride and impatience out you? The feelings described above usually have a much deeper but simpler meaning than we realize, and it’s only through quality, quiet time with God and self examination that we’ll find it.


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One thought on “Understanding the Signals

  1. Thanks for this. I’m going through it now.

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