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The Haitian Curse

Is the Haitian earthquake a result of a curse on the country? Legend hails that Haitian slaves made a pact with the devil in order to free themselves from French tyranny in the late 1700s. This along with the prevalence of voodoo in the country has brought about the question of God’s wrath on the people there.

A little research of the history of Haiti reveals that a slave leader named Dutty Boukman, also known by many as a voodoo priest was one of the catalysts for the revolution. Boukman killed his master and ran away to live with a violent group of runaway slaves known as maroons. Legend says a voodoo ceremony was held to launch the revolution. Boukman himself was beheaded shortly after the revolt began which motivated the maroons even more.

There was another group called “free people of color” who were educated and free but not with the same rights as the white, French people of the country. The free people of color were also a dominant force in the revolution and considered to be the group responsible for Haiti’s victory in 1804 over Napoleon’s troops.

So was Haiti’s “freedom” a result of voodoo and devil worship? Not quite as definitive when you delve into the history. Is the country of Haiti cursed? Is that the cause of their severe poverty?

Was this week’s earthquake God’s wrath? I don’t think that’s for me to try to figure out. But as Christians we do have the responsibility to reach out and share the love of Christ. So maybe we should just mind our own business.


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10 thoughts on “The Haitian Curse

  1. Alexis Abrahantes on said:

    The practice of Vodoo is prevalent also in Brazil, Cuba, the southern region of the United States and many other countries, yet we dont consider them cursed. I think that the mention of this curse has its roots in racism rather then in historical fact. Historians and academics who have research the validity of that curse can not find real historical fact to support that that the devil was conjured up in that ceremony the holding of which is more a legend than an actual occurence.

  2. G Miller on said:

    Good response Alexis. Man always like to blame others and not themselves in this case they are blaming God and the Haitians. But the devil the Haitians made a pact with were the French and the American. The pact was the agreement to pay reparations to the French which they were force to do by France and America as the Haitians were not allowed to do any trade with any country by a blockade of their ships by these two countries. America over the years have invaded Haiti several times and caused their leaders to be deposed, the most recent being Aristide.

  3. Angela on said:

    thanks for the great input!

  4. Maureen Cross on said:

    If they made a pact with the devil, life would be much better. No poverty . makes no sense.

  5. Maureen Cross on said:

    America has made the deal

  6. Maureen Cross on said:

    America has made the deal with the devil.

  7. Maureen Cross on said:

    Not all of us but the 1 Percent definitly

  8. Maureen Cross on said:

    Look at what has happened in America, look at what America has done to other countries for oil, power. U have to be blind not to see.

  9. Maureen Cross on said:

    Look what we did to the Natives, the African people. Sick. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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