from my notebook

My head is full of thoughts, and I have to write them down.

God is Big

An article in Discovery News this week announced that astronomers have underestimated the number of galaxies in the universe. Wow. I find it amusing that scientists think they can even estimate something like that.

This story reminded me of a spiritual realization I came to several years ago. I had basically gotten bored with my Christianity because I honestly thought I had experienced about all there was. Thankfully, God brought people and circumstances into my life to show me just how wrong I was. I began to see there is no limit to the depth my relationship with him can go. Just like there are no boundaries we can see to the universe.

God is so big, expansive, complicated, and above anything our minds can comprehend in His creation and how he works. Just as sure as scientists once were that the Earth is flat, so wrong are we to ever assign a number, limit, or confinement to the one and only God. And that’s pretty cool.


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