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The Jennifer Knapp Debacle

Once again a well-known Christian has “come out” and declared them self to be homosexual, and the Christian community is in an uproar. I only watched a portion of the Larry King “interview” and have read bits and pieces of articles. Todd Rhodes poses some very good questions.

Why do we tend to single out homosexuality over adultery, fornication, drunkenness, etc.? Certainly someone in the spotlight (and ministry) must be held to a higher standard. But the Bible is clear that these things are sin regardless of who commits them.

I was (I use past tense because it doesn’t seem to happen very often these days.) never comfortable with lying, cheating, drinking, drug-using country music artists recording gospel music songs. Can you say, HYPOCRITE? No more comfortable would I be with a Christian artist who abused drugs or alcohol or slept around with groupies while on tour.

I have Jennifer Knapp’s first album and love her music, but I don’t think I can be comfortable listening to her right now. Yes, we have all sinned and come short, but never should we embrace our sin, advertise it, seek to justify it, or say we are helpless to it. Romans 5 and 6 come to mind.

What do you think? Do Christians emphasize homosexuality over other sins too much? Where do we draw the line as to how “sinful” those in ministry can be?


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